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FACILITIES - affordable and accessible technology

A wide range of manufacturing technologies, business facilities and co-working fabrication areas thoughtfully laid out across 1,500 square metres of custom designed startup factory space. Space Tank's facilities help you to prototype new concepts, develop volume production runs and fulfil commission based orders. Get DIY access to everything you need to build your dreams.

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Space Tank's North Coburg makerspace offers private business studio spaces from 18sqm to 35sqm in size. Open plan fabrication studios from 15sqm to 30sqm are available for businesses with flexible needs.

All studios have natural sky lights and are equipped with compressed air outlets and air conditioning.

Renting a business studio gives you access to all co-working fabrication areas, manufacturing equipment and prototyping technology.

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A range of prototyping technology is available in our Tech Lab for your next project. 

3D printers include small format high quality PLA printer, medium format PLA printer and a composite printer capable of printing very high quality nylon/kevlar/fibre glass/carbon fibre parts.


We have a 1,000mm x 600mm laser cutter, a desktop multi axis milling machine and vacuum former.


The makerspace facility offers over 250 sqm of co-working fabrication space that is equipped with forklift, pallet jack, loading bay, work benches, storage boxes, shelving racks, compressed air outlets hanging power points and extension leads. 


Co-working desk space is available for business meetings and group design sessions.



Space Tank provides a full range of manufacturing resources including spray booth, woodwork room, welding bay and engineering equipment.


Wood workshop includes panel saw, compound drop saw, lathe, thicknesser, drum sander, edger planer, disc sander, bandsaw, drill press, dust extractor.


Welding bay includes bronze forge, multi process welders Mig Tig Arc, plasma cutter, drill press, cold cut saw, bench grinders, linishers, air extraction.


Your safety is our number one priority. Our safe work procedures have been created with an authorised and registered occupational health and safety consultant. Space Tank has ensured its operational methodologies follow best practice standards and are specifically tailored to suit the unique work/membership environment.

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017, it is required by law that any person conducting any kind of work activity in a professional workplace environment must first undergo an appropriate OH&S induction. For more information see Space Tank's OH&S procedures and Terms and Conditions.


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