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STARTUP FACTORY - Building Space Tank 2.0

Located at the doorstep of Melbourne’s CBD, the Start Up Factory will be part of the growing ecosystem that is aligned to the future Fishermans Bend Innovation Precinct.  Planned by the Victorian Government, the vision for the Innovation Precinct is to be “an internationally renowned centre of innovation in advanced manufacturing, engineering and design”.

We are seeking strategic partners and stakeholders to join us at the starting blocks of Melbourne's exciting innovation and investment opportunity. The journey begins now.

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Seeking your input

Collaborate in growing the Startup Factory so it will serve your needs. Secure your voice and position in building the community, programs and space.

We are seeking interested parties who will partner with us and provide input on the design and deployment of this program. To achieve excellence, we work with entrepreneurs, innovators, graduates, universities, corporate partners, equipment sponsors, investors, manufacturers and, well, anyone who cares about Australian innovation. 

Phase 1 - now

In partnership with FB IDEAs, we have kicked off phase 1 of the Startup Factory: creating the foundations to suit Australia's unique economic and geographic identity. Phase 1 is about identifying interested parties and building a strategic community of stakeholders. Together, we are refining our understanding of what success looks like for stakeholders under current Australian conditions. We want to understand your barriers and opportunities. We listen and use your feedback so that the Startup Factory will meet your requirements.

Phase 1 will inform our proposal to FB IDEAs and the Victorian State Government on how to meet the advanced manufacturing and applied technology needs of our innovation ecosystem. The proposal will include recommendations on infrastructure, support and programs that should be part of the Startup Factory to attract new enterprises, investment and talent to the precinct.

A new vision for Australian innovation

The Startup Factory will grow from incubator programs into a permanent flagship location. It will become an ecosystem for collaborative innovation that promotes systematic industry support and investment into hardware startups. Leveraging the Venture Studio operating model, the Startup Factory will drive competitive advantage by de-risking the development of hardware startups in fields of physical product technologies.

Staged program development

​The Startup Factory will be informed by the evolving community and development at the Fishermans Bend precinct. Flexible infrastructure and hands-on programs allow you to collaborate, invest and test your ideas. The development of Startup Factory will progressively accommodate learnings to create a best-fit for Australian conditions and will ultimately, establish a permanent flagship location.

Collaborative investment

We are stronger and more successful when we play together. This is where you come in. We seek a combination of corporate assets, innovation talent and the strategic value of external capital to create the foundations for an exciting innovation hub at Fishermans Bend, but to also seed new ventures and startups along the way.


Innovation leadership

As an independent innovation facility, Startup Factory will provide leadership and governance for innovation and entrepreneurial development free from bureaucratic shackles found in conventional institutions. Corporate partners, innovators and product developers will have creative freedom to catalyse investment into new technologies and innovative products, creating quality jobs for tomorrow. 

Our approach

The Startup Factory uses a Venture Studio model, pulling together the right people and generating out-of-the-box thinking to solve high-value problems, rather than waiting for good ideas to walk through the door. ​​We use our deep experience to get stakeholders on the same page by facilitating seamless collaborations to navigate problems, test ideas and iterate solutions. We negotiate the right business models to suit the project. This pro-active and inventive approach solves wicked problems that fit real-world conditions.


Projects are drawn from high value sectors such as health, smart city, agriculture and clean economy to drive collaboration between inventors, designers, research institutes, entrepreneurs, industry professionals and investors.


Pillars of development:


Co-working space, design studios, advanced manufacturing equipment and prototyping technology.



Mentoring for technical and business growth and training to support skills in engineering and design.



Venture studio programs, accelerators and Bench to Business training drive innovation in specified problem domains.



Innovation and entrepreneur community including investors, industry suppliers, manufacturers, corporates, researchers and professional expertise.

...innovate with us


Profile image Holger BW 2023.jpg

Holger Dielenberg

Manufacturing and creative technology experience spanning 30 years across digital visual effects, product development and construction industries.

Profile image Scott BW 2023.jpg

Scott Anderson

Engineering, Technology, Operations & Strategy. Over 20 years experience of corporate leadership with multi-national services companies.

Profile image Oli BW 2023.jpg

Oli Tod

Experienced lawyer and founder working at the intersection of technology, design and law. Herbert Smith Freehills alumni.

Profile image FB Ideas BW 2023.jpg


A not-for-profit organisation that works with Fishermans Bend stakeholders and partners to create and support innovative and iterative activity within the precinct.

Profile image You BW 2023.jpg

We want you

If you are interested in collaborating or partnering with Startup Factory, contact us now.

Tune in to Space Tank innovation

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