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PROGRAMS - training, events and collaborations

Space Tank programs and events drive excellence in entrepreneurship and innovation. We collaborate with a diverse community of startups, industry suppliers, sector leaders and corporate organisations to help your business succeed.

Our programs focus on building skills and business growth for startups and developing innovation and entrepreneur communities. Our events provide brand exposure for suppliers, collaboration for industry and networking opportunities. Our programs support the creation of 21st century jobs in manufacturing and technology industries.

If you want to run a program, training event, or showcase new equipment and technology at Space Tank - contact us now

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Space Tank's business mentoring is based on a radically changing world where disruptive startups run lean and agile scaling methodologies to succeed.


Mentoring focuses on the aspirations and challenges of the business and works on strengths and weaknesses of founders and lead team.

We work with three key paradigms: Market Relevance, User Centred Design and Design for Manufacturing.

Mentoring can be paced and geared to meet your specific needs.

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Skills Training

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Space Tank runs short courses on all in-house machinery and technology. Training courses can be run for individuals and groups based on demand. 

The training fee is $120/hour per person. All training course participants must undergo the OH&S induction before commencing any kind of work at Space Tank. 


Reach out to us if you are interested in any of the following skills.


Laser cutting

Multi axis milling

CNC flatbed milling

3D printing

Vacuum forming

Welding and metal work

Bronze casting

Wood working

Software and business

Fusion360 3D modelling software

2D design software training

User centred design coaching

Mentoring and commercial business training

Commercial mentoring

Intellectual property law

Lean business strategies


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Space Tank's business makerspace setting will give a unique creative and industrial atmosphere to your next event.

Take a virtual tour of Space Tank to get a feel for the space.

Events at Space Tank range from equipment demonstrations and business coaching to intellectual property law and key note presentations from successful entrepreneurs. We have worked with local councils, state government, equipment suppliers and research institutions.

Event facilities

Goods lift, kitchen facilities and bathrooms are available for all events.

20 sqm Techlab

Training on desktop prototyping technology. Skills training includes laser cutting, vacuum forming, multi axis milling and design software. Prototyping technology, benches and chairs provided. Up to 6 people.

50 sqm co-working room

Situated up stairs with large windows and shade blinds. This room is suitable for small workshops, collaborative projects, client meetings, small presentations and software classes. Audio visual equipment, tables and chairs provided. Up to 20 people.

200 sqm open plan fabrication space

Situated in the co-working fabrication area. This space is surrounded by a welding bay which can be used for catering, spray booth which can be used as a bar and a woodworking room which can be used as a spill over space. Suitable for equipment demonstrations, industry, government and corporate events and parties. Bar and catering area, audio visual equipment, tables and chairs provided. Up to 80 people.

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