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  • Holger Dielenberg

A Cut Throat Knife for thee

Aidan Mackinnon, our native knife-maker, opened business last week. He’s making beautiful chef and paring knives for the professional, the avid home cook, or the collector of all things handmade.

Cut Throat Knives are beyond being a blade. Aidan tips a broth full of tradition, a ladle full of passion and a pinch of history into each knife. He certainly goes the extra mile with his hand made approach and the knives have a certain feel and style about them that makes cooks weep.

The process is painstaking. At each and every step, Aidan maintains that the only way is the handmade way. He sweats bullets over the linisher, honing and sharpening until the steel glints in the light and slices paper at the lightest touch.

Wood is sourced with a discerning nose for a good story. St. Kilda pier hardwood or Huon Pine that has lain deep under the flowing waters of wild rivers of Tasmania. Dropped by convicts and reclaimed by wild storms. The blades are tempered in a forge of immense heat and locked to the handles with mosaic pins.

For Aidan, story, tradition, craftsmanship and the simple pleasures of cooking become a catalyst for creating something that will be passed down the generations. In time, Cut throat knives will evoke the very passions that inspired them to be.

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