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  • Holger Dielenberg

Bruce Grillmeier prepares the Lab Forge for bronze casting courses

Pouring liquid hot metal into a form hidden inside tightly packed sand or a plaster mould evokes feelings harking back to the dawn of civilization. So much has been built upon this alchemy. These archaic beginnings have evolved over centuries to the point we can now control metals like thin copper lines of data circuitry on a motherboard.

It never ceases to astound me how so much can evolve from such humble beginnings.

The fascination for creating an object out of the concentration of heat and raw metal lead to a real buzz in the studio today as Bruce Grillmeier completed our second bronze pour. We work towards putting a bronze casting course together so that we may pass on this awe inspiring process to other creative people.

Some issues with oil sand and burning temperatures have been ironed out and we have decided to go with a water based sand instead in order to eliminate smoke. There is also the concern for safety which will inform how the course is structured and how many people can participate.

Bruce brings a passion for bronze casting which is evident in the fact that he spends most of his spare time building his own forge. He feels right at home when things start heating up. Our forge is a brand new German made Laboratory Forge that is easy to operate and program. It can smelt approximately 10 Kgs of nonferrous metal and is easily recharged which makes it ideal for pouring multiple small projects for introduction courses.

Our courses will be designed to suit beginners who wish to add bronze casting to their skill set. Designers, furniture makers, jewelers and crafts people will benefit well because once they have learned these basics, they can do all of their preparation off site and bring the finished piece in to Space Tank for pouring and polishing.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates on our bronze casting course developments. We aim to have the first up and running around March 2016.

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