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  • Holger Dielenberg

Leathermaking Design Course

Using cutting edge film bonding techniques, the quality of your leather articles will compare with big brands like Bellroy and Apple and carry your own unique touch. The course will utilize the same prototyping process that big companies use so for those who wish to go that step further, the build process will have also created the necessary tooling and templates for high quality mass production.

The course will be led by Billy Smith who brings a wealth of knowledge from working on cutting edge products at Apple.

Guest Presenters including local leather craftsman, Jarren from Temono who specialises in hands on quality small scale production and the leather design team at Bellroy were our industry presenters on Sunday the 12th and 19th of April.

DAY ONE of our Leather Making Course introduced the class to new bonding film techniques, traditional edge treatments, dye cutters and laser cutting. Thanks to Leffler Leather and Bellroy we will continued to dive deeper into a world of new and traditional leather making techniques.

DAY TWO of Billy Smith’s Leather Making Course introduced forefront industry techniques to students. Not a stitch in sight. Leather is prepped using laser cut templates, bonded with heat activated film and assembled with fixtures to ensure alignment.

DAY THREE Thanks to Leffler Leather, Billy Smith’s Leather Making Course got stoked on designing tote bags. Pattern-making and material selection was the order of the day. The Bellroy Design Team & creators of Carryology stopped by to talk about design and inspire the class. It was a fun session exploring more traditional methods of leather bag assembly and production.

DAY FOUR Are Tote Bags beautiful? We think so. We had one of the best days of the course with special guest, Jarren temono showing the class traditional pattern making and hand sewing techniques. People made beautiful hand stitched leather tote bags with ultrasuede lining & custom engraved logos.

All in all a great time was had by all and everybody learned a lot of new techniques that would normally be kept under wraps by big industry. Demand was so high for the course that we ran another two condensed classes and industrial designers came from various local Melbourne companies as well as from Sydney and Adelaide. They were all keen to learn the new techniques so they could apply them in their next range of products.

We will definitely run more of these in the future. Keep your eyes and ears peeled to our Facebook page for updates.

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