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  • Holger Dielenberg

Melbourne’s Space Tank Studio makerspace has partnered with Autodesk

The future of making things just got brighter at Space Tank.

Autodesk is the global leader in 3D software and they have partnered with Space Tank Studio to give Australian designer’s free software licences and training on Fusion 360.

Autodesk territory sales manager, Richard Elving says, “We want to get involved with product developers on the ground level here in Australia and so we started looking for local industry opportunities. Space Tank Studio stood out for us because they are a creative manufacturing incubator that directly supports innovation and business growth.”

Autodesk already have a strong commitment to makerspaces and their Pier Nine facility in San Francisco is testimony to this. Now they are partnering with Melbourne’s premier makerspace, Space Tank Studio to share their enthusiasm for ground up support of makers and designers.

Here at Space Tank we believe that you can only move forward with design if the adoption of modern technology is made easy. For a lot of bespoke makers and emerging designers, the divide that separates them from 3D modelling and CNC applications is still too deep and wide.

Space Tank Studio is all about breaking down barriers to entry and providing connective solutions that can bridge gaps in our industry.

Space Tank founder, Holger Dielenberg says, “What we have now is really exciting. By partnering with Autodesk we can offer a unique opportunity to a lot of Melbourne designers. Giving out free Fusion 360 licenses and free training makes it easy for people to take a leap forward. It helps remove another obstacle for creative business.”

Autodesk have a keen eye for innovative business models and as Elving points out, “in an economy that is making the transition from traditional industry to a more innovation focused market place, we need to recognise that it’s designers who are leading change. For us and Australia’s economy, it is important to be involved with early developments like Space Tank Studio that show the potential of becoming design launch pads of the future.”

Like some of the advanced makerspaces in the US, Space Tank Studio is forging this kind of pathway for Melbourne makers. Developing these unique partnership opportunities with companies like Autodesk opens up real human ways to engage and propel tomorrow’s growth.

So what’s the big deal?

The deal is that Autodesk will be giving Space Tank Studio members, free licences of Fusion 360 and running four free training workshops a year at Space Tank. We can cater for up to one hundred people in our downstairs workshop facility so this presents a huge opportunity to a lot of people.

We are also offering a design challenge for one lucky winner who will get advanced training on Fusion 360 and a free three month studio residency at Space Tank to build the design prototype.

We are seeking expressions of interest from product development companies from all sectors who wish to come on board as financial partners to sponsor the Space Tank Fusion 360 design challenge. The benefit to the financial partners is that four times a year, one designer is chosen to solve your problem.

Get in touch with Space Tank Studio to learn more.

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