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  • Holger Dielenberg

Moreland City Council Creative Business Networking

Making Networking Fun – Space Tank Studio hosted Moreland Council’s Creative Business Networking Event last night. What a hoot!

Over 100 people attended the creative industries networking event last night. This was a great collaboration between Moreland City Councils department of Economic Development & Arts & Culture. Bringing a wide range of people together from across the visual arts, technology, niche manufacturing, music, publishing, design development & performance areas.

Helping our creative’s to think more about developing their business skills is high on our agenda, so this was a great start.

The event was held at Space Tank Studio Makerspace in Coburg North, and hosted by the founder director, Holger Dielenberg.

The night was charged conversation and people making new connections. Never underestimate what comes of bringing people together.

Five lucky people won a MiniMe, a high tech full color body scan (with clothes on) and printed in 3D! If you want a mini version of yourself, let us know.

Very big thanks to everybody who assisted in bring the night together, especially Moreland City Council, Space Tank Studio and Fat and Skinny Fabulous Food. A really super effort.

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