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  • Holger Dielenberg

Space Tank Studio bridges gaps in technology for Melbourne innovators

Space Tank will soon reach its two year anniversary and to mark the occasion, we will be adding a new range of technological equipment to help bridge entry level gaps in the emerging innovation market. This is being made possible via funding opportunities and generous support from industry players.

Technology is a valuable creative tool that enables speed to market capability. But if you cannot access it because it’s too expensive or harbored by large companies, then for all you emerging designers, it might as well be worthless! If you’re one of thousands of design graduates trying to make it on your own every year, then you probably no longer have access to Uni Fab Labs either.

Over the last two years I have met many of you who are working like crazy developing your own designs and you’re facing massive hurdles like unaffordable advanced manufacturing. It’s been hard watching this and hearing your stories and not being able to help. Not having enough cool technology at your fingertips sucks so we’ve decided to do something about it.

We want to bridge market gaps and barriers to entry. Over the next six months we will be building a technology lab filled with advanced manufacturing and prototyping equipment and we will be giving emerging designers DIY access to it.

Our range of affordable technology will be a vital life support to your business. Don’t fall through the cracks, as James Brown would’ve said… Take it to the Bridge!

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