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  • Holger Dielenberg

Studios available for hardware startups using applied technologies

Space Tank has expanded its Makerspace and now has more studios available for product developers and startups who are using applied technologies.

This is an exciting opportunity for emerging startups developing physical products who need to commercialise their intellectual property, develop ground breaking ideas, prototype concepts, get skills training and expert mentoring.

Join an exciting community of product/hardware startups operating in fields of med tech, renewable energy, construction products, smart furniture, advanced manufacturing, traditional crafts, sports and leisure goods.

Space Tank can help grow your business faster than if you are going it alone. Get access to our growing network of investors and senior mentors in Marketing, Business growth Strategy, Intellectual Property and Design Thinking.

Offering a huge suite of manufacturing machinery and technology, private studios and tons of communal work space for you to get your projects off the ground.

Space Tank is an applied technology accelerator, product development incubator, startup manufacturing facility, training centre and innovation cluster all rolled into one makerspace model. It provides affordable access to advanced manufacturing technology, fabrication space, business acceleration pathways and training programs to help advanced manufacturing and applied tech startups commercialise their intellectual property. Space Tank’s extended community is an active innovation cluster of over 400 product startups, 12 industry sponsors, business and intellectual property mentors, university collaborators, 15 partner organisations, designers, engineers and marketing experts.

In 5 years of operation, Space Tank has helped over 600 Makers and product development startups grow their businesses and trained over 400 startups in business, manufacturing and prototyping skills.

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