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  • Holger Dielenberg

Studios available for Product Technology and Hardware Startups

Space Tank has studios available for startups and emerging businesses who are developing product technologies and hardware in MedTech, Healthcare, AgriTech, Sports, and New Energy.

We are particularly interested in startups who focus on Assistive Technology products for Health sectors. There is a huge opportunity for Health startups to utilise legacy industry capabilities in Melbourne’s Northern region and Space Tank plays a significant supporting role in providing the ecosystem framework that can support this growth.

Space Tank has supported many high end product development businesses in Melbourne like FREO2 who build oxygen delivery system that don’t require electricity for developing countries and Kad3D Printing who are expanding their 3D printing service to incorporate new design technologies for the consumer market that cannot be produced via traditional plastic manufacturing methods.

Other high end product development companies that have successfully grown at Space Tank are Bastion Cycles, JAUNT Motors Electric Vehicles, Cut Throat Knives, Freeform Composites, Into Carry and Upper Limb Co.

Many new businesses were devastated by COVID last year. Despite the hardship, five businesses from Space Tank invested in machinery and expanded into their own factories including Jaunt Electric Vehicle Startup and Sean & Horn bespoke CNC cutting solutions. It was exciting to see these businesses succeed and have the courage to expand during a global pandemic and we are proud to have been part of their early success.

Studio availability doesn’t happen often at the Tank. We are using this opportunity to broaden our innovation community by focusing on hardware tech and product development and embrace Advanced Manufacturing and IOT.

Space Tank builds ecosystem links between Health, Advanced Manufacturing and Education industries. We play an important role in accelerating the growth of new market entrants. Through our incubator activities, we have firsthand experience in helping our startup tenants to successfully build their business community, grow their commercial proposition and gain market traction.

Since its inception 7 years ago Space Tank has become Australia’s most successful and award-winning Business Maker Space. We have a proven track record in helping companies grow and succeed.

7 year snapshot:

  • 24+ partnerships in place across Asia, USA & Australia to help scale Aussie startups.

  • 800+ workshop day passes used by product developers.

  • 72+ fulltime manufacturing startups have rented business studios.

  • 80% of fulltime business tenants successfully achieve their business goals.

  • 410+ startups trained in business, manufacturing and prototyping skills.

  • 33 startups pursuing growth opportunities or conducting R&D.

  • 24 startups employing new staff and expanding.

Space Tank facilities include private studios ranging from 18 sqm to 35 sqm and we also have free range spaces that can accommodate larger requirements. All tenants can tap into our growing industry support network to help grow their business and get access to an enviable suite of industry machinery and prototyping technology including the use of 200 sqm of co-working fabrication spaces and office style facilities.

Reach out to us if you have a new innovation, physical product or technology for development, we want to hear from you.

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