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  • Holger Dielenberg

AlfexCNC Supports Space Tank Studio

Space Tank Studio can now provide affordable laser cutting and engraving services directly to you. Alfex CNC believes in Space Tank Studio’s service to artists, designers and inventors.

To prove it they’re giving the studio a state of the art EPILOG laser cutter at a very generous price. They will offer technical expertise and will support laser cutting classes that will soon be added to the studio calendar. We are incredibly excited to have Alfex CNC on board with us and wish to thank them for generously supporting our vision. This support deal marks the first major mile stone for Space Tank Studio. Founder Holger Dielenberg has worked hard to engage the support of industry partners to help realize his vision to bring ‘out of reach technology’ into the hands of Artists and Designers. “I wish to close the gap between expensive industry standard equipment and the art and design world of makers out there. We need major equipment suppliers to share the heavy lifting.” Design students enjoy easy access to industry technology that universities provide. Once the student graduates however, poof! The access is cut off. There are also a lot of makers out there that have never had the opportunity to use these machines. We want to meet that demand and help a new generation of makers realize their creative dreams. We look forward to seeing you at a laser cutting an d engraving class in the near future so stay tuned for how we plan to merge laser cutting with traditional fine art practice.

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