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  • Holger Dielenberg

CIGWELD support the Makerspace groundswell

A well-equipped metal fabrication area is essential for furniture makers and industrial designers to ply their trade and a broad range of design requires a broad range of metals and so it was important to make sure we had welding equipment that could handle that.

With the very generous help of CIGWELD who have donated not one, but a whole pile of welding equipment we can now cover all of our welding requirements.

The makerspace ground swell is a growing movement that supports an emerging market of design entrepreneurs. The welding industry is not just limited to boiler making shops and steel fabrication factories. Sculptors, furniture makers and industrial designers use them too but learning new skills like welding is not for the faint hearted.

CIGWELD recognizes the opportunity that the Space Tank Studio initiative presents to help foster this emerging market and so in a move to get to know their end users and connect in a more organic way with the world of makers, they will support us with welding classes and expertise.

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