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  • Holger Dielenberg

BOC Gas & Gear support Space Tank Studio with welding consumables

Maintaining welding equipment in a busy makerspace is never ending. A range of protective gear, bottled gases, welding wires and rods, grinding and cut off disks are as essential as the machines themselves.

BOC Gas & Gear recognize this and more importantly they want to help support the community of designers and sculptors in order to build a stronger industry base. “By supporting emerging design talent we help grow our manufacturing industry from the ground up”, says BOC Preston store manager, Mark Shepherd. With this in mind, BOC Gas & Gear in Preston wish to get involved with their local community in a more direct way. So when Holger Dielenberg approached them to support the Space Tank Studio makerspace, they agreed with enthusiasm. BOC Gas & Gear generously supports Space Tank Studio with all of our welding gas and consumable needs

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