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  • Holger Dielenberg

Space Tank nominated as Finalist in the 2018 Melbourne Awards for raising Melbourne's profile

Space Tank helps the City of Melbourne retain its manufacturing design talent and builds business networks that strengthen the City’s support for innovation and startup activity.

The City of Melbourne could be a central powerhouse of design innovation. Grad Connection shows that over 2000 industrial designers, engineers, information technology and medical experts graduate from Universities in Melbourne every year and in addition, 100’s of professionals enter design and product development from other industries.

But high rent and expensive technology are driving this annual cohort out of town, leaving the City’s industrial precincts vulnerable to property developers eager for a quick buck.

Niche manufacturing and Applied Technology is Melbourne’s innovation blind spot and Space Tank is actively bridging this gap for the city.

The Space Tank makerspace in North Coburg is a manufacturing incubator helping the City of Melbourne retain its vital source of innovation by giving startups affordable prototyping resources, linking them with the City’s universities, business incubators and intellectual property experts as well as connecting them with Space Tank’s wider innovation cluster.

Space Tank helps the City of Melbourne show confidence and leadership in the wake of automotive industry loses. Rebuilding Melbourne’s maker spirit one business at a time and cementing Melbourne’s reputation as a global innovation destination.

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