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  • Holger Dielenberg

Space Tank launch party preparation begins

Have we got a Party planned for you!

What a huge event this will be! Vince Peach, DJ Wildman and Nice Boy Tom will be gracing the sound waves and Fat and Skinny Fabulous Foods are scheming in their kitchens to provide us edible techno treats with a steam punk twist. Sounds intriguing and I can’t wait to taste them.

The Merri Brewing Co. have happily committed to brewing four different craft beers especially for the occasion and there will be plenty of wine and champagne being served as well. All served up in the steam punk inspired machine room.

Watch out for the burlesque kidnappers from the Theatre Research Company. Their performance bus will be parked directly outside the studio and to add a note of formality, the Mayor has agreed to give a speech and officially open the studio.

If you have brought your dinner belly with you, don’t worry. Cornutopia’s Taco Truck will be parked inside the studio and will serve fresh tacos.

There will also be a prize draw for those that register their attendance that will include free memberships, a 3D printed prize and an Ipad Mini!

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