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  • Holger Dielenberg

Successful businesses grow making new studio spaces available at Space Tank

Owing to the success of some of our tenants growing their businesses and moving to their own larger premises, we will have new space available soon.

Space Tank’s mission is to help businesses succeed and so we celebrate when our members and tenants outgrow our Makerspace. Check out this video of maker action at the Tank.

It is remarkable that while the global pandemic tears our economy apart and destroys businesses large and small, six businesses at Space Tank are experiencing success and expanding. A boutique CNC firm, an electric vehicle startup and four furniture makers have developed the confidence to invest in their own machinery and start their own factories.

Our members often find synergies and benefits from collaborating together on job projects and often pass work on to one another. I am delighted that while Covid-19 has presented terrible challenges, many of our tenants have worked to their strengths, collaborated, joined forces and are expanding their businesses.

Sean and Billy from Sean&Horn, Dave and Marteen from Jaunt Motors Electric Vehicle startup, Clive our resident international motorcycle racer and Jaunt man of the year, Luke Neil from Luke David Designs, Kyle Smith from Smith and Thomas Custom Designs and Torren Remington from Remington Matters. Your success is due to your vision, hard work, personal and business resilience and fine craftsmanship.

In August, 400 square metres will become available at Space Tank. Three businesses have already registered their interest to move in. But we still have some spaces free.

If you wish to pursue your dreams. Now it’s your turn to start or grow your business.

Studio members get access to an enviable range of prototyping technology and fabrication facilities. This is an opportunity for new product entrepreneurs to become part of Melbourne’s leading Makerspace and product development incubator.

We are particularly interested in emerging technology startups, industrial designers and niche manufacturers.

You can be working on your own or building a team. We have enough space and flexibility to carve out what you need plus plenty of co-working areas and breakout space for fabrication and prototyping. The best news is, you’ll have 24/7 access to an enviable range of industrial machinery and prototyping technology. Eat your heart out!

After more than six years of operation, Space Tank has helped well over 600 product developers and design entrepreneurs gain new skills and grow their businesses. Many of our tenants say that being part of Space Tank has tripled their acceleration by being plugged into our huge skills and business network.

Now it’s your turn. Drop by for a tour and see for yourself.

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