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Tune in to the world of Space Tank. Enjoy our blog posts, watch videos and see what the press are saying.

  • Holger Dielenberg

Space Tank Open Studio – Speaker Presentations and Networking Meetup

We are opening our studio to the public as part of the 2019 Craft Cubed Festival and the LaunchVic sponsored Moreland Converger program.

This is your chance to see where Melbourne’s cool product developers, craftspeople and hardware startups are launching their business and enjoy a catered networking meetup afterwards.

When & Where:

Sat. Aug 17 – 10am to 6pm – 9 Warner Street, Coburg North. 3058.

We have a great line up of maker presentations ending with our highlight speaker Gavin Doherty. Gavin is recognised as one of Australia’s leading Patent/IP specialists, having worked for some of Australia’s leading international companies, Gavin has a wealth of knowledge to share about protecting your brand.

If you’ve started your own manufacturing or product design business, maybe you want to, you’re an inventor or you have a solution to a problem that no-one has thought of yet. You’ve got a creative itch to scratch or a business and skills to offer services. From engineers to artists to entrepreneurs and lovers of the maker movement, this is your opportunity to see Melbourne’s premier Makerspace.

Line up

Full open day is from 10am to 6pm

Maker Presentations from 1pm to 4.30pm

Intellectual Property Presentation with Gavin Doherty 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Catered networking meetup from 4.30pm to 6pm

Facility tours to check out where all the action happens. Just ask!

Maker Presentations:

Holger Dielenberg: Space Tank – a resurgence in applied technology and niche manufacturing.

Sean and Horn: CNC machining guns talk on why CNC? why Melbourne?

Martin Carswell: Keeping the time honored tradition of leather making alive.

Dani Storm: Break the norm and stick to your guns as a product designer.

Aidan McKinnon: Founder insight into the fabulous Cutthroat Knives.

Intellectual Property Presentation – Gavin Doherty

Gavin Doherty: Patent & Trade Mark Attorney – Protecting Your Business – IP for Startups

How IP can help your startup. For many startup businesses and entrepreneurs, IP is the difference between success and failure. Competing with larger established businesses requires new and disruptive innovation. Much of that creativity and innovation can be protected with registered IP like patents for inventions, trade marks for brands, and designs for the way a product looks.

Learn about the different types of trademarks. How these can apply to a startup business, how to protect, register and defend it your IP, and how to best commercialise your IP.

Gavin Doherty is regarded as one of Australia’s foremost patent attorneys, having developed and managed world-renowned intellectual property (IP) portfolios for some of Australia’s most innovative international companies and has almost twenty years’ experience in international patent applications from both a regulatory and commercial perspective.

At Cochlear, the world leader in medical hearing devices, Gavin was responsible for all matters pertaining to Cochlear’s trademark and patent portfolio, including strategic portfolio review, ensuring optimal brand protection, and managing the prosecution of patents. During his time at Cochlear, the company was ranked the no. 1 Australian company in the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia Innovation Index and no. 3 for patent applications. At Orbital Engine Company, which licenses internal combustion engine technology globally, Gavin oversaw Orbital’s patent portfolio, one of the largest and most diverse patent portfolios in Australia.

He has also been a Patent Examiner with IP Australia, hence he has first-hand experience of the stringent requirements to secure a patent and how to navigate the pitfalls of the patent application process.

Gavin has technical excellence, strong commercial acumen, an inquisitorial approach and a unique insight into the role of intellectual property in business from a patent office, patent owner and patent advisor’s perspective.

Thanks to support and funding from LaunchVic we can provide this program FREE to you!

Our partners are:

As part of our funding agreement with LaunchVic., your contact details will be provided to them but will not be supplied to any third party.

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